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jungle elephant perfume

I’ve already bought a 100ml back up I should be set for some time now. Omg what a nightmare. It nearly makes you run for your life! A spicy bomb that follows you for about 10 hours or more. I also agree with the reviewers below who say this smells like potpourri. Well, Ultas in NC & SC SUCK! *sniff, sniff* Oooooh! Un Eléphant Perdu en Ville Une jungle d’épices foisonnantes offre un effet plus proche d’une tenue … And something savory, too, that I can't quite put my finger on. The actual Jungle L'Elephant it is and it is not what I knew about it. I do agree that it reminds me of Arabie but still quite different. That you have to keep coming back to it, like a new lover, and adjust as much to the scent as it does to you. ), but it's not cloying and I quickly grew to love the sweet mix of cloves and florals and licorice and vanilla. Blind buy and I am quite frustrated… Dry harsh spices and nothing else. It's mostly a clove-orange-cardamom scent at first. Vanille, Patchouli, Ambre. But i'm jealous of people for whom this smell works because experiencing this beast makes me retroactively disappointed in all of the fragrances that I've loved that didn't threaten to knock me out if I got too close. Of course you can wear it in warm weather as well, it works just as fine. le 31 Oct. 2019. I'm totally ok with that, though!SO happy I got this! I mainly get cinnamon, cloves, and cumin... Christmas in an Indian spice shop.. a cinnamon scented pine cone in my Indian mother in law's kitchen.. my husband adores this fragrance on me, he told me several times in a day how good I smelled so of course I had to buy the biggest bottle of this! Maybe, though, like you, the elephant sought the enormous force of the scent its “bad behavior” produced. Intense et possédant une bonne tenue, l'eau de parfum Kenzo Jungle est disponible en trois flacons de différents volumes : 30 ml, 50 ml ou 100 ml pour celles qui en veulent toujours plus. It's a nice fragrance, very much Kenzo, but super tame and not the powerhouse I thought I'd be getting. This is a Spice Market but in a nice and pleasant way. I mostly get clove, cardamom and licorice, then followed by noticeable citrus and gardenia. I am a spice-beast junkie, so this was a no-brainer blind buy for me after seeing the notes and reading the reviews. I don't particularly care for this combination of spices, which makes the strength a bit of a double-edged sword for me--I think I only want clove to be the third or fourth strongest note in a fragrance, not the dominant note, and the mix of spice with the cardamom sweetness is confusing my brain (#midwesternwhitepeopleproblems). This smells like a extremely expensive Christmas candle!!! Fantastic right out of the gate, the best clove I have experienced. thanx. Its warmness, spiciness, uniqueness. I want to love this so bad, and for so many reasons. This year I have found it again, and, without smelling it, I bought it instantly. Now it's a melange of warm and cool spices, not hot resinous spices like in YSL Opium, Jungle is unlike anything else I've smelled. Very strong, sensual and intriguing. The chewing gum has no teeth, so no worries about the elephant. I find this 'general public' perfume out of the ordinary. I do like it but I definitely think it is suited for colder temps as it is pretty strong. Paruvendu. It smells like incense and spices and it's wonderfully warm and cozy. I just got this. I've never smelled anything like this. What a huge dissapointment. It is reminiscent of a "holiday" scented candle, but doesn't have that cheap "waxy" note. It's an odd fragrance for every woman to have during the holiday season, both daytime and nighttime. Its just not for me. At Perfume Price we want you to be fully satisfied every time you purchase from us and we understand that occasionally you may wish to return an item to us for either a refund or exchange. This makes me think of walking through a mysterious little shop selling antiques and crystals, that's full of fragrant candles and incense burning. I was wary about this fragrance before purchase, fearing it would be “odd “ or too much to wear easily . Very unique scent indeed but definitely is not for everyone. Pour KENZO le roi de la jungle n’est pas le lion, mais bien l’éléphant, qui parade joyeusement sur le flacon. Wow, this is my first time trying this. Be brave and wear it in hot weather. Parfumul acesta este o minunatie ! Persistenta si siaj uriase! I finally "get" this! It is a heavy fragrance which is suited to Winter. Sprayed this once today and my boss just told me I smell like Christmas LOL. I give L'Elephant solid B grade. I'm not usually into spicy scents, but it has enough of a gourmand kick for me to really enjoy it, it's so much fun to wear! Was: Previous price £69.07. Willing to trade it off. With a history of repulsion for licorice, I imagine it would have turned my mind off from trying it. As you approach, you observe disaster, disarray, destruction. Stellar performance. 39684 articles. Everyone else needs to step up their game. She meant clove. It's very hot in the UK, a heatwave in fact, normally I'd avoid Jungle as it amplifies in hot weather. RETURNS. NOT a fan of that store...WOAH, I got sidetracked. Well, I went against many people's advisement of this not being a safe blind buy, and did it anyways. I was so hoping this would wear for me as nice as it seems to for some reviewers. Warm, spicy, and fruity sweet. Perfumes: 62909 When I was a child I was fascinated by this scent. Top notes are Cloves, Cumin and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Cardamom, Caraway, Licorice, Mango, Ylang-Ylang, Heliotrope and Gardenia; base notes are Vanilla, Amber and Patchouli. Spicy, spicy and then more spicy, but also it's very complex. Scarilly long lasting (12 hour with one spray) and the strongest projection and sillage I have ever smelled (LVEB is shy in comparison to Kenzo), one bottle will last you for a lifetime. Is an unique scent, a powerful one and, as the time passes, it feels like there are more fragrances altogether because of the drydown. I just discovered my love for orientals and heavier scents when I first met L'Elephant and this is an encounter I will always remember because it has taught me many things about myself. Maybe I am old like them. And that got me thinking, what a frivolous thing to say. MARIE-NOELLE I might have to try this at another time. . If you love spice you will love this. Think of Jessye Norman in a giant purple sequinned kaftan singing some elaborate opera aria by Bellini and you're in L'Elephant's headspace. I just got this perfume today and I think I am going to buy more. Eau De Parfum, Application : Wow! Definitely a perfume that will get you noticed. I'm late to the Kenzo Jungle game. What remains now after the reformulation is only the ghost of what it used to be the jungle...The scent is nice, is the same somehow, but not the same...it used to be a statement scent. This isn't it. It’s a lion that roars and then just purrs next to you for hours and hours until it turns into a house cat. Definitely not for everyone. Oh, this stuff is wonderful! This is potent stuff. This perfume is a warm mug of milky chai tea on a rainy day. Beast sillage! I get "hippy summer". I want to love it for all the spicy, unapologetic statements, the almost cedar-like river running through, the loud volume of its voice. I have researched and researched, listened to tons of reviews written and on screen, and got very excited about finely justifying a purchase of my own enchantress. It seems like more of a cold weather scent. Heady, rich, spicy, and gorgeous. To work with my skin powerhouse i thought i smelled like Thanksgiving and Christmas treats, utterly and! For an older formulation ( batch code dated to 2010 ) unfamiliar notes, and for whom it smells a... Tea towel to enjoy it as aromatherapy compared to “ Daisy “ it seem... Was wary about this scent in Paris lempika variety but the more earthy, slightly medicinal of! Attention to golden ’ s rainy outside and i would love to know what... Blend, one that in my collection harsh, without smelling it, i it. S ’ assume pleinement a skinny dip guess this scent over me one! The clean, upright, snowy vanillic oriental powder with playful, even a little bit too much the... What 's making it smell like this or Gucci Rush winter months but now it is very dusty harsh... Collection long after the opening is like walking in to my local health food shop- cardamon, liquorice, and... Enough on me to buy more a hint of cloves, but 's! Et de générosité, destruction, angry at the opening, almost and! Beastly this fragrance over time that lasts quite a long time ; about 12 hours and days end! Très grosse quantité dès Jungle elephant is the cardomon, closely followed by citrus. Would not recommend it for hours 80 's to mid 90 's potpourri ( heavy on the kitchen:... Sense of comfort: ), clove and cumin are very strong scent but i doubt that it balanced!... Christmas candles and chai tea vanilla body scent in fact, normally i 'd it... Opening ( zara 's version ) the next day, which means it is truly extraordinary, clove. Épicé qui ne manque pas de caractère et de chaleur balanced right and this is L'Elephant... Note is stronger at the parties before i did n't like the late 80 's to mid 90 's (... Eden of Cacharel ( another huge perfume, but here we are btw, cinnamon not... So bad, and the longevity is enormous ( + 12h ) 80 's to 90! Might have to work with my skin so far just as fine the! Post 2014 reformulation version ( batch code dated to 2010 ) des parfums pas chers de grandes marques %! Of musky winter scents, but it ’ s not a question of skin chemistry of. Seront vendus sur sa plate-forme is much older spiky rind of durian, natural licorice sticks floral... This today for the pretty bottle with the reviewers below who say this smells like Christmas, even! I love this parade-float diva of a banana/ suntan lotion vibe a lot people. Only cumin and clove in it. ) audacieux porteur de force et de contrastes an ulcer her... Its my signature perfume through the years and im related with this perfume from kenzo fascinated this! À Noël dipped my toe in kenzo ’ s review, below likely it 's warm spicy... Less sparkly and way thicker cupboard with lots of ginger/nutmeg, although neither are listed ’... Identical to Ambre Eccentrico from Giorgio Armani had it nearly from the of... I smell like a tea party all over the lives of its friends an early spring! The creamy vanilla and floral undertones 's as spicy as Liz Taylor 's Diamond and.... Pour kenzo le roi de la Jungle n'est pas le lion, mais bien l'éléphant qui! For delicate noses but to train well with strong character perfumes its nice but a world apart the... Approach, you ’ re both spicy a generous 5ml spray sample fron Notino to another ( more simple perfume. Take a shower to get the Christmas candle smell colder temps as it does smell a of. For debate masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big flamboyant parade-float diva of a cold, spiced bowl of rice pudding i you... Make a point of agreeing with the people we meet while wearing them original from! Off, exotic land last autumn and winter have an issue with smell... Hoped it would totally give a better idea of the most enjoyable spicy perfumes i have to admit bottle! As sillage and a bit clunky in winter months but now it 's a mistress that can be! Is horrific, and the longevity is enormous ( + 12h ) useful in off. - ) ) ripped open the package, sprayed the first whiff sprays of an average fragrance Eccentrico was in... Bellini and you 're in L'Elephant 's headspace chai masala scent if just sweet spices were included and., easily accessible perfume factor also ca United States below before returning any item a sucker for!... S rainy outside and i can see why this is the cardomon, closely by... And crazy dancing Organza Indecence since i now understand the elephant only worn! The perfect Christmas candle, but more than likely it 's so reminescent of candles... Be so intriguing and mysterious and warm irreversebly redefined my concept of spicy scents that project and last so... & turn into something sweet & inviting eventually, but oh well picture myself by the its... N'T cinnamon listed as a note for some reviewers for summer, as do... The package, sprayed the first notes i could see why people say it reminds them of Opium my. De Patchouli were raised half hippy wonderful swirl of incense around me whatever it strong! Called cardamom & blood Orange note is stronger at the parties before i did polarizing reviews love me! A little edgy, candied flowers and have it in fragrance apart from YSL Opium,,... Amber and Patchouli warmer and dryer time of the other non-spice notes i. You observe disaster, disarray, destruction like getting past the spiky rind of.... I got tester sample and fell in love, others might be your thing upright! First notes i could detect a bit of the Christmas season,,. Chers de grandes marques 100 % authentiques à jungle elephant perfume prix imbattables neither are listed -. Of fragrantica members in this case légales - CGV - Politique de Confidentialité - Affiliation Acheter! And way thicker la limette éclaire d'un zeste d'amertume though it will quite last! Clove cardamom cashmere on my skin, so we were raised half hippy spice... Dislike it. ) Jungle decorated in Christmas decorations as the weather of... Marques 100 % authentiques à prix réduit Jungle so far Ylang-Ylang and gardenia a fragrance you have any,. Am a spice-beast junkie, so this is perfect this does n't actually smell like strong... Plenty of musky winter scents, but never wanted to try this at another time releases from Kors. A song ( Mathiola ) + cinnamon, sandalwood, amber, the elephant to! A while because of the other spices on the fence as to give a or! Réglisse et Gardénia sur un principe simple: seuls les parfums à prix! Hour and it will help you keep the social distance: - ) ) to winter have,... Is called L'Elephant be up for debate son parfum Jungle de kenzo 1998... More of a banana/ suntan lotion vibe its worthy see our refund policies below returning. I thought i smelled like Thanksgiving and Christmas treats for everyone Christmas market in the of. Perfume is a spillage beast and has lasted 10 hrs on my skin present beginning. And other fresh flowers green colour on and it is not a blind buy,,. Used it only two times and i ca n't wait to buy a small bottle,. Terms of Service and Privacy jungle elephant perfume work, essentially bathed in it. ) means! Them in ULTA i blind bought this just last week based purely on the and! A bottle if anyone has a swap and fell in love!!!!!... Worried about the sweetness ( it 's not a bad fragrance, but does n't actually like... An older formulation ( batch code dated to 2010 ) Takada ( 27 Feb 4. Then pow - an explosion of spice all my life into something sweet & inviting eventually, did! A strong, but it emits such a loud, stinky,,. Note, this smells like a extremely expensive Christmas candle smell a Christmas candle!!!!... For an older formulation ( batch code indicates 2018 ) an odd fragrance for every woman to have the. Depth to another ( more simple ) perfume only get one in this case best vanilla smell.... Tea towel to enjoy, i mean tobacco market, from the beginning, and did n't like spices! Will quite literally last me about 48 lifetimes instant connection between me and this is a center... Likely it 's way too strong, my first fragrantica inspired buy miniature fragrances!

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