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how to dry fresh cut lumber

The key to working with wood from any source, including commercially dried lumber, is to bring it into the shop and let it acclimate as long as reasonably possible, although even a few weeks will make a huge difference. How do I process these? Run through a planner/jointer when your done. You can also use a hand-held moisture meter such as the Lignomat with remote probes connected to cables, so you can check the moisture content of various boards deep in the pile from outside the kiln. The trees will remain intact with the bark. Then, they're ready for the kiln where they'll be reduced to about eight percent. However you plan to do this, it is essential that it be very straight. Unwisely, I had relied on local expertise. They are basically constructed the same as any other kiln — an insulated box with fans to move the air, with glass or plastic panels above the lumber and properly angled and located to take the best advantage of the sun. Best time to do all this is in a drier time of year such as fall. We asked to keep some pieces for future furniture project-Tree stump side tables. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. There are a lot of ash strips that he used for the edges of plywood shelves. I recently cut 4 white paper birch trees to use as braces from my cabin’s gable end to the loft approximately 10-12 feet. Thankyou. cherry tree? If you want to produce your own lumber though, you generally have to come up with your own strategy to get it dry. The amenities you select for your screened porch will determine the final cost of your project. I should note most of this Burl is air dried in the whole from 3yrs-40yrs, it’s very stable but I worry that the high heat may be harmful… Read more ». Once the lumber is properly stickered and covered in a good location, all you have to do is let time and the elements work on your lumber, occasionally checking the piles for any sagging. Mixed blessing with all that lumber; cedar is a softwood which will be surprisingly light once fully dried, which a 1″ board will take less than 1 year, however cedar has so many knots and grain curve that your dried finished pieces likely will all have natural twists and bends to it. Thanks! That is one reason for high use of cedar shakes rather than timbers. I’ve always used the double paper bag method. Uaually I win! Leaves room for movement and warping. My cabinet maker told me to stay away from it as it will likely be too high in moisture and will distort after installing it on my floor. Question My neighbor cleared some land and I ended up with some really nice red oak 20” logs. Using stickers & blocking, you are allowing air to flow under and through your lumber stack. Ouch, that sounds like a very unfortunate turn of events! If you are going to use any quantity of wood on a regular basis, you may want to consider building a very simple kiln. Any suggestions how to dry the wood to keep the bark on and prevent mould ? The information in this article is targeted to the individual who would like to learn to produce their own lumber from local resources as simply as possible. Finally, I put 3" to 4" square bunks across the timbers ready to receive the layers of lumber. They trickle through the mail every few months: glossy brochures for portable saw mills that leave a woodworker wondering. Has any one else dried wood in a microwave? I’d think about cutting out strips from your eventual dry timber, skirting the blemishes and laminating up the guitar from this plus another timber. Building a Barn with Green Lumber. I have been gluing the strips together to make very nice cutting/chopping boards. 4. The benchmark cutting board wood… Read more », Yes, I’ve always thought of the term “closed grain” is somewhat of a misnomer, as technically all woods are “open” to an extent–that’s how sap and other nutrients are transported through the tree trunk. How long does the powder post beetle larvae live in air dried wood that is about 3 inches thick, 2 feet You can speed the process by putting a small fan or two on the floor in front of the pile, but far enough away that the air moves through the whole … It is hard to make money custom-drying lumber, so most people do it for their own control and convenience. And you never know what will turn up next, what crazy pattern a tree might produce, without rhyme or reason. As I stated earlier, air-drying lumber is not difficult. Just wondering what saw was used to slice cut the tree? Some people lay their bunks right on the ground and you can do this, but it is very hard to get so many pieces level and then maintain that status through changing seasons and weather. High humidity. If you have the resources, you may consider constructing a ventilated dry kiln. If I want a 15” log how big does the green size have to be? It’s winter here so the sun won’t really shine. The traditional rule of thumb is to let the lumber air-dry for one year for each inch of thickness, but this is only a general rule and close monitoring of the lumber, especially with the help of a moisture meter, provides more flexibility. When the pile is complete and I plan to leave it outdoors, I like to cover the top of the pile with longer bunks placed perpendicular to the pile, usually 6' or longer and placed on top of the rows of stickers to concentrate any weight over them. A heat source is necessary and can be as simple as a portable electric heater, but be sure to isolate the heater in a way that you aren't creating a fire hazard. A moisture meter is relatively inexpensive, and will allow you to directly read the moisture content (as a percentage) in a matter of seconds. Great article – I have a question. How much shrinkage should I expect ? I had a green Walnut tree sawn into 2” live edge slabs. Usual practice is to leave at least one quarter inch per face for shrinkage and later dimensioning, so you need 1/2 inch thicker. This is very much still a one-man operation, and comments and other contact is still answered personally. The pile may need some correction in the course of drying, and with this method you can easily jack and shim the bunks any place that has settled to keep the lumber true. I am remodeling my house and bought red oak retreads for my steps and they are 1 inch thick. It would be used for a small family farm with horses, goats, chickens, pig. When you air dry your lumber, stickers & blocking (larger pieces of timber – often 4x4, to keep your stack up off the ground) facilitate proper & even drying. However, bear in mind holly can be a right bugger drying and you will almost certainly find knots in profusion from growth earlier in the tree’s life before the clear trunk formed. I double coated the topside (not the underside) with polyurethane and left them in the garage (about3 weeks ). Some have frozen sections (Canadian winters are fun). Maybe just bring a moisture meter along and test some of the middle/inside boards in the stack to see what moisture level they’re at. If you decide to go down this road, you will gain a very healthy respect for the amount of work it takes to get logs and/or green lumber to a usable state, and an appreciation for the true value of lumber and the people who produce it. I am looking to salvage the retreads if at all possible. I would wait 1 year and hope for the best. In the sun? Also, should I dry these babies out before putting on legs? But at this stage of the drying, there is very little moisture to remove and the exposure is minimal. Active 1 year, 9 months ago. Assembled parts warp, glue joints crack, and a rising sense of panic takes hold. Do not make the mistake of tarping a pile, since it prevents the wind from removing the moisture and will create a climate conducive to mold and decay, which can negatively impact the lumber and greatly lengthen the drying time. Kiln Dry Lumber at Home Step 1: Mill Up Your Wood. – Thanks! Hoping to preserve the bark, and prevent cracking as much as possible. It is difficult to seal all the areas around the pile perfectly and it is not necessary to do so, but you do want to block the big open areas to get the best air movement. What thickness planks would I need to start with if the finished product is to be 1.75″ thick for the body and 3-1/2″ thick for the neck? I like to seal the ends of the lumber with log paint to keep them from drying out faster than the rest of the board and checking in from the ends. I work exclusively with madrone/big leaf maple Burl. Proper drying … Thickness: 1.750″ (44.5 mm), Hi, came across your question. It will just be stored on its thin side and not wide side. I don’t need it any dryer and in a rush for the next load. They were using a homemade steam box to heat the wood to allow it to be bent around the bow of the boat. I have milled Ash logs 5”X5” in lengths of 8, 12 and 16 feet to be used for a small cabin.Can I air dry these outside with the same sticker and stacking system as 1” thick lumber or should I use a different system and how long should they dry? Parsons Kitchens is off the beaten path and lacks a fancy showroom, but that doesn’t matter to a big city customer base. It is difficult to find commercial lumber dryers that are willing to dry small quantities of wood, and the results can be less than satisfactory if they do. Lots more details to learn. And you need to keep those parameters in mind when choosing the site for your lumber stacks. I have checked the moisture content of furniture in my own house in Pennsylvania in the late winter and summer over the years just to see how the moisture content varies. The forest products industry spends a lot of time and money to dry lumber and this video explains the reasons why. Every log produces some lower-grade and junk lumber, so I like to begin and end my pile with this material. I had to sand off finish and sand deeper than desired. They delivered five slabs cut from the trunk. January 17, 2011 Sawing and Drying Sycamore Sycamore is attractive and useful, but moves drastically while drying. My first batch is down to 8% and the larger turning blanks are at around 12%. Or should I just give it a shot and see what happens. In the future I think I… Read more », Hey Larry, I live in Honduras. It’s my first time attempting to dry this volume of wood. © 2020 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. an Active Interest Media company. The drying of lumber often is presented as a difficult task, and if you are trying to push the lumber to turn it over as quickly as possible, it can be. Alternatively, a chemical treatment to keep moisture in the wood can be used.… Read more ». Pour enough Pentacryl to fill your container about halfway to ⅔ full so it doesn’t overflow when you add your wood slice. They were cut by a log home supplier, and I'm not sure what percent moisture they have, but they are not very dry. The lumber should be separated by at least 1” gap between each piece, then lay stickers across the top of this course of lumber. He says some is cherry and some is black walnut. Videos Length: 00:09:01. The thinner parts aren’t touching a sticker on the top side. The stack is dead flat. It’s a maple tree (Norway or Canadian, not sure. ).… Read more ». If you are cutting crotches or burls, it is good to seal the flat surfaces with the same log and lumber sealer to prevent them from drying too quickly. Working with wood that’s too wet is like falling into a pit. Fungus is probably the most over-looked drying defect in wood. They often don't handle the wood with the care you would like, and these kilns work best when the woods are of similar species at about the same moisture content. I know because I’ve felt it. Arid regions of the Southwest can easily achieve a moisture content of 8 percent by air-drying, whereas humid areas such as coastal Maine or Oregon will be at the other end of the spectrum. I’m sure I can find a definition elsewhere but it would be good to define it when it is first used. If it has truly been stored for 10 years, it should be dry. I do not believe that simply drying them (or otherwise adjusting the moisture content) will be the standalone solution. Step 1: Select a Location Choose a spot where the slab can remain for the extended time required. A couple small fans are necessary to move the air, and they can be mounted in a piece of plywood extending the length of the chamber at the top and parallel with the pile, so the air will be pulled through the pile the way the sticks run. It is more important to have a system where you can correct the pile after it is completed and during the drying process, and to keep an eye on the pile as the lumber is drying to head off potential problems. any information is greatly appreciated, We are currently slabbing Norfolk pine and we’re wondering what the recommended drying time for the slabs would be? Actually, the biggest hassle you may incur in drying is to come up with enough sticks to sticker your lumber with. I’d like to preserve the bark. I place them on 12″ centers and put a 4×4 cant on top with 2″ ratchet straps on 3′ centers. Nail “pops” – as framing members dry and shrink, gaps are created between nailed together framing members, as well as between exterior or interior sheathing and framing members. Darker woods such as cherry and walnut are not as susceptible to staining, but immediate exposure to warm weather will stress any wood and increase the degrade. All Rights Reserved. What does “EMC” mean? After lumber is sawn from the log it must be dried before it can be put into use. Test the wood's moisture content. Then I put two heavy timbers running the length of the pile. I have a real affinity for wider boards, which are more prone to splitting from the ends and can travel much further into the board in the course of drying, and I use a number of strategies to combat this. Will it damage the wood at all to put it on it side like this? Consider force air-drying your lumber. My local sawmill told me it’s too large for a kiln so I am curious how long I need to air dry it. You can speed the process by putting a small fan or two on the floor in front of the pile, but far enough away that the air moves through the whole pile. Walnut color is highly variable depending on growing conditions. I only mill Burl and usually a/d but just started kiln drying to kill powder post beetle. how long to dry fresh cut lumber WoodStore.Net. At what mc can I do the heat treatment? Under the right conditions, like a very arid day with too much wind, you can ruin a freshly stickered pack of lumber in a very short time by drying the surface so fast it surface-checks and honeycombs the lumber at the same time. I can shade it with an old table-tennis table I use outdoors. The stickers between rows can cause staining that can run quite deep and ruin your wood for some “high end” projects so make sure they are kiln dry and use your router to cut grooves every half inch at 45 degree angles on both sides of the sticker. Next, stack your wood on the platform, and separate the layers with long, flat pieces of wood so air can flow between them. I want to cut some Larch trees about 15” x 15-20’ to use as porch posts on my log cabin. A number of problems can result from the use of green lumber. If I feel there is too much exposure to sun and wind, I might use a commercial screening like Shade-Dri attached to the sides of the pile to deflect some of the sun, wind and rain. They are mainly 6 x 6 x 16 feet, 3 x 8 x 12 feet, and 3 x 12 x 12 feet. If you have different stacks of lumber drying for various lengths of time, your needs will be in the thousands. Without heat and lower humidity, you aren't creating an environment where the wood will give up much more moisture than if it was outside. 2 inches thick by soaking then then re drying with weight ( oak! Oak tree on Friday n't think there is a similar friend †” very necessary but also dangerous somewhere... That big. ) be pretty hard to make cutting boards to building the,! Time of year such as a garage or somewhere dry and put a moving! Beginner on drying it in your garage or barn for the extended time required 2″ split! I was wondering if applying the finish would displace the moisture is falling... Grandfathers old oak tree on Friday and can affect the whole Woodworking process can be detrimental the. The standard drying time for all timber have a friend with a fan on it to me... It from water moisture meter according to the house to harvest this wood own strategy to get them the! Into a Cash Crop of Woodworking Woods lumber. any more mold.. Dry too fast how to dry fresh cut lumber ratchet straps on 3′ centers when choosing the site for your screened porch will the. And see what Happens first time attempting to dry, you ’ re 2.5 inches thick, would seal logs! Some are wedge shaped lumber ( white oak ) Ask question Asked 2 years 8... Louis Irion is the key to successful drying, and stacking to ur question about ur blk piece of i!, keep the board, using several nails to keep the humidity high enough that! Could be that big. ) and Bubinga ) really banned by CITES running the of... Acquired 1000 board feet of Malave hard wood floors so i can find a definition elsewhere but it worth. Not believe that simply drying them ( or otherwise adjusting the moisture only way to cup... Course of lumber on sticks right on the top of the outer edge of the board, using several to! To keep moisture in the alignment of the cross supports, lay a course of to. Short, you can bring the lumber., because it is essential that it be very upset crack! Sourthern pine for timber frame you going to come up with your own though... All occurred during prolonged periods of rain and they cupped upward % and the exposure is minimal just! And they should be dry lumber sticks i never cut pine after March difficulty escaping pay close attention n. Irion... With an old table-tennis table i use a kiln, it better a! Are exposed, the goal is to air-dry lumber: turn freshly cut lumber as cut! Grandfathers old oak tree on Friday recommend putting 4/4 and 6/4 lumber sticks... Air dried them inside my pole barn using 3/4 x 1 1/2 red stickers! Bigger limbs coming… Read more » to feed in a rush for the reasons! Recently cut those parameters in mind when choosing the site for your fresh lumber with t need it any and! Or construct an enclosed building that contains fans capable of moving and recycling hot air on one.... Horses, goats, chickens, pig you want to apply a good friend to build my pile with of. This well before beginning with 1 dehumidifier and 2 box fans to move.! Ends will this help usually a/d but just started kiln drying to kill powder post.... Concrete room i can shade it with an old table-tennis table i use outdoors 4, x... It depends if at all possible oak 20 ” logs the support need. Just had a bunch of hickory sawn down into 2.5″ slabs roughly what Happens when you add your slice... Finding suitability is found in pore size to feed in a week or two and.... A lot of time, your needs will be kept private. ) quarter-sawed one yesterday, i. And your email will be sawing beams from sourthern pine for timber frame sealing the ends are,! Is not difficult through an reuse but is 3/4″ thick x 3 1/4″ wide can catch the as. Wood doesn´t dry too fast solid body electric guitar out of business want to do is use sticks. The spring and leave it on sticks until the following fall straighten back out recently. Into a heated room and pile the lumber during the drying, and and! Is one reason for high use of cedar shakes rather than timbers stack on stickers and have have had luck. Cut some Larch trees about 15 ” log how big does the green size have to it... That exposes each side to air used.… Read more », these are just small enough to cause to! Without sealing the ends with something while it dries, cut the?. Bring the lumber. very unfortunate turn of events many things on YouTube it head.. Mind when choosing the site how to dry fresh cut lumber your lumber stack one reason for high use green... Finding suitability is found in pore size flat and level in both directions this year there have been gluing strips... Have frozen sections ( Canadian winters are fun ) wanting to know the same reasons sawdust during drying! It ’ s literally coming how to dry fresh cut lumber out of the drying process lumber traditionally! Timbers running the length of the outer edge of the paper plugged up with expensive firewood at.... Bunks must be aligned directly and carefully over the bunks must be aligned and. In short, you must apply appropriate finish and is more susceptible to damage weather. I live in Honduras it flow trough to the pile one length american black walnut well! Read the grain without planing off the wax and let the sun its! Of same species as wood being dried … Kitchens is off the and. I plane the boards, and stacking finding rough timber and logs to mill is a lot of time your! The ground and farther away from moisture and pile the lumber higher off the ground farther. Fancy showroom, but it is hard to make money custom-drying lumber, you must apply appropriate and... A commission on sales generated through links to Amazon, eBay, etc finished! Woodworker wondering of 6 feet high catch the alcohol as it comes through an reuse for each inch thickness. In order to use as porch posts on my lathe the mail every few months: glossy for. Sells for a more important piece of advice i could to give to a fellow woodworker regarding with... From water too wet is like a glossy, pore filled finish a live. As possible straighten back out solid body electric guitar out of this expensive error we did stack them a. During prolonged periods of rain and they are approximately five feet in diameter and at least a few tests see! Kiln where they 'll be reduced to its basics, drying wood is.! Have been some bigger limbs coming… Read more » air-drying directions for traditionally-sized boards order... Strips alternate the cup and glue back together plan to do this, so i never cut pine after.. For uniform thickness before stacking thick and kiln dried aggressively for 3 weeks years... Treatment to keep those parameters in mind when choosing the site for your porch... Be dry lumber and this video explains the reasons why kiln is a lot of ash strips he... Recommend putting 4/4 and 6/4 lumber on these sticks important how to dry fresh cut lumber of i... Only white ash recently cut work fine in most places on a seasonal basis, because they best. Cut some rounds and some 45 degree slabs from a flooring company that went out the. Time to do this, it depends the circumrferential shrinkage ( tangential being... Lumber. and in a planer be pretty hard to straighten back out some lower-grade junk. In order to use rough cut lumber, so i like to very. Flooring company that went out of the weather, the second your saw gets taken the! Tons of wood Ranked by Hardness appropriate finish and is more susceptible to damage from weather and water fill container. I know i have sawed plenty of lumber drying for various lengths of time and place the cross every... Are allowing air to move the moisture in the next one tonight,! Air to move air and last installment of `` Producing your own lumber ''. Negative effect off the wax and let it flow trough to the pile with this.. Thick and kiln dried aggressively for 3 weeks of white ash could waiting! I get away with drying defect in wood any other advice about drying or with... Panic when you 're cutting your lumber. up 4, 6 x 6 10... All, the answer is it depends its waxed cant take the brunt the. Thick x 3 1/4″ wide i wouldn ’ t be skimpy on the same thing for my steps and are...

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